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Sunday Funday

Do these 3 steps to have your healthiest, most productive week:

1. Prepare 4 or 5 healthy meals.

  • No one enters the week planning to go through the McDonald’s drive through every day. But somehow life seems to happen. Have a few meals of complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats will make your entire week healthier.

2.  Recover from last week’s workouts. 

  • This is especially important during the CrossFit Open when the Friday or Saturday workouts are extremely punishing. Take a few minutes to recover from 17.4 by doing 2 minutes per side of the following moves:
    • Couch stretch
    • Pigeon stretch
    • Cosack Squat
    • Child’s Pose

3. Focus on stress relief. 

  • Sunday’s are a great time to just kick back and do what you truly enjoy doing. Pick an activity that makes you feel invigorated after. Whether that is grabbing a good book and having some “you” time, or getting together with friends for dinner, take some time to do something that gives you energy and life today.

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