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Diana Kelly Testimonial

Diana Kelly started working with us this August through our Online Training Program, and she has had success all due to her hard work. Below, she shares her experience working with us, and how it’s helped her so far.

“In July of 2018 I had probably hit the most unhealthy period of my entire adult life. I was recently discharged from the hospital for having a seizure due to a ‘diet supplement’ that counteracted with my other medication. I was depressed, over-worked, over stressed, and I barely recognized who I’d become over the last 2 years. The last family trip we took I avoided pictures because i was so unhealthy. I didn’t recognize who I’d become. In my earlier life I was in the Army for 12 years, was a high school athlete and did Crossfit religiously up until 2015.

We stopped going because…we just stopped prioritizing our health I guess. We loved our gym community but something just shifted and we gradually just got complacent and life just continued….along with bad habits. I used to cook clean meals and then I slowly started cooking heavy calorie meals, snacks, candy until it just became the way we lived. I remember I would make these bowls that had honey and granola and a million kinds of fruit with a fruit cream base (probably literally 200 grams of carbs at least) twice per day, eat a box of starburst after work and look forward to a heavy dinner and wine nightly…all while working at a sedentary job that was stressing me out to no end and not doing anything physical. A bad, bad trifecta.

Throughout the years of doing CrossFit my husband and I acquired almost $5000 worth of CrossFit equipment and we had an awesome home gym in our garage but it sat for years collecting dust. We had the ‘best intentions,’ of, ‘getting back at it,’ but months of good intentions turned to years of not working out and continuing with nights of comfort food instead of cleaner healthier meals.

In July after the seizure and after our family trip I knew I needed to do something. I quit my job…and started a new job in Lebanon. There were several gyms on the north west side of Indianapolis…some CrossFit some not… my schedule changed with my new job so I was looking for something late day and/or early morning or on the way to work. I thought after a bit that I didn’t need a gym… I had a gym.. I needed something though.

I called Summit Strength and I left a message. I had also called a few more gyms as well, but I never heard back from anybody. I did get a call back from Jason who left me a message, but after thinking about it I thought, “I don’t need another CrossFit gym I need some sort of motivation to get my ass in my own home gym I just cannot get motivated to do it.” I’ve never had an issue motivating myself before but I think I was so out of shape and as humans I think even though we know we need it…we inherently fear change.

Then I got a call from Joe. I called him back and told him that again I really don’t need a CrossFit gym I just need some motivation or something and I didn’t know what. I’m a therapist and I know when someone is being genuine. He GENUINELY listened and after chatting for a bit offered a pilot program for satellite training which I agreed to. I sent him a list of my equipment and my abilities and i came in for a brief meet and greet and skills assessment and……Bam. We started the next week. The assessment was the first day I picked up a weight/medball/pvc pipe in 2 years. I was warmly welcomed with good feedback and motivation for our joint venture moving forward.

In terms of diet…The early weeks went by with very little change. I think I had this distorted perception that because I had been an athlete at one point in my life it was going to be easy and I was just going to lose those 30lbs I gained in 2 years, in a week’s time. I tried changing my diet a few times….I upped my carbs, then lowered carbs, then the same with fats, and proteins until I started seeing some changes. After I got the right Macro mix, Joe suggested that I lower my calories by just a little. Sooo I tweaked my diet a bit more… tweaked thyroid meds …and kept grinding on the daily programmed workouts (even when they were something I hated to do.)

The first few weeks were tough…both mentally and physically. I wasn’t as strong, fast, limber or fit as I used to be and it was exceptionally humbling to no longer be able to do the things that came easy a few years back. I kept grinding through… many times through tears of frustration and disappointment but I did every workout except one the first 6 weeks. I remember texting Joe the day I missed the workout because I was too sore and he said….”great job listening to your body.” – no shame or guilt…just support.

After every workout I would send feedback to Joe and get support and motivation in return. I kept tweaking my diet until around week 8 I started seeing a bit of progress….. and 13 weeks later… I recognize myself again. I’m happier… I have more energy…clothes fit better… I pre-make all my meals and take them with me and I am getting stronger, leaner, faster and most importantly…healthy both mentally and physically which positively impacts my life both personally and professionally. The programming is awesome and the individualized motivation and support is exactly what I needed to find me again. I get excited for the programming each week and each morning when i get up to get after it. 13 weeks and still grinding! 🙂 Thank you guys for all the support and motivation!! I appreciate you both so much!”

Diana may be thanking us here, but the true thanks is all on her. She has not only been a joy to work with, but it is through HER hard work – not ours – that these results happen. We’re just proud of how she has taken control of her life and worked for these results. We are proud to call her Summit Strong. 

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