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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Fitness Lover in Your Life

On one hand, Valentine’s Day is kind of stupid. It’s a Hallmark holiday to increase sales of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. On the other hand, it is a fun excuse to celebrate those you love – whether that’s a significant other or you and your best girl friends celebrating Galentine’s Day. All in all, any celebration is a good celebration and everyone could use more reasons to be grateful and happy – so Valentine’s Day gets the thumbs up around here – especially when it’s tied into some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the fitness lover you’re looking to spoil this holiday. Here’s our top ten picks for when you’re looking to do some fitness-related gift giving.

Valentine’s Day Gift #1: Theragun

Okay, the Theragun G3 Pro is expensive. Like, $600 expensive. Why is it worth it? Because no one actually loves to mobilize every day like you should and this gun is the quick life hack which allows you to reduce muscle soreness and move better both in the gym and in every day life. For the fitness enthusiast who really pushes themselves day in and day out, this is a God-send.

Expensive…but definitely the best

Valentine’s Day Gift #2: Rogue Custom Barbell

Keeping with the higher-end Valentine’s Day gifts, a Rogue custom barbell is one of the most unique fitness gifts you can find. You can put custom text on the bar, almost any color shaft you can imagine, and the barbell itself is an extremely high quality piece of equipment. If your special person this Valentine’s Day loves lifting weights, this is a great gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift #3: Recovery Day

Professional recovery techniques aren’t cheap and they feel super indulgent – things people often have a hard time justifying for themselves. Therefore, this makes a wonderful gift. Find a local spa and book your bestie that day of relaxation they’ve been eyeing – and needing – for awhile now.

Valentine’s Day Gift #4: Fitness Getaway

If you live in most of the United States (and especially Indy) you’re just about fed up (read: loathing Mother Nature entirely) with being cold by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. What better time to escape, and what better way to do it than to book one of these incredible fitness retreats for the two of you? Spring break and fitness – seems like a win for everyone.

Not a bad place to do some yoga, huh?

Valentine’s Day Gift #5: Concept 2 Cardio Machine

Keeping with the spoiling, you can’t do much better than buying your Valentine’s Day date a Concept 2 Ski, Bike or Row Erg. These compact machines fit in almost any garage and provide a full body workout any time your fitness fanatic needs a quick hit of cardio.

Valentine’s Day Gift #6: Lululemon Gift Card

Half of the fun of getting new fitness clothes is the process of going and picking out all your favorites. There’s no brand doing it better than Lululemon and a gift card for a couple workout staples from this leading brand is a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift #7: NOBULL Backpack

NOBULL is a brand which was born out of the CrossFit world but has grown to be one of the fastest up-and-coming fitness brands around. They make gear to last, and this waxed canvas backpack is among their best offerings – plus it looks awesome to pull your gear out of a bad slightly cooler than your standard duffel.

Valentine’s Day Gift #8: Headspace App Subscription

Health and fitness isn’t just physical – the mental side of it matters just as much. Everyone would benefit from a meditation practice, and Headspace is a step by step guide to making your own meditation practice a reality. Give the gift of a year of Headspace and they’ll give you the gift of a less-crazy 2020. Win-win.

Valentine’s Day Gift #9: WHOOP Subscription

WHOOP is the leading wearable for fitness enthusiasts. While not everyone will benefit from a fitness tracker, for those interested in digging into their performance and how to improve it, WHOOP is pretty tough to beat – and a six month membership makes for an amazing Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift #10: Hydro Flask 32 ounce Wide Mouth

Everyone needs to be drinking more water. One of the biggest issues is that it frankly just isn’t that much fun. A fancy Hydro Flask water bottle won’t entirely solve that problem – but it’s certainly a start. Choose this 32 ounce wide mouth variety so that you can actually fill it with ice, and stay hydrated all day without constantly returning to the water fountain.

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