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Our Story

Summit Strength & CrossFit SSP was started by Coach Joe in March of 2016. Joe lost his mom to cancer in 2014, and this life-changing event planted the seed for the creation of this CrossFit box. Joe went to his friend’s box to keep his mind off of what was happening to his family, and it was there he healed. By working hard with friends and simply having a supportive community, Joe noticed he began to feel better. He felt empowered and found strength through the struggle at the box. In this moment, Joe knew that someday he wanted to provide the same value for his community. He wanted to build happier, healthier, more confident people who are ready to take on all that life will inevitably throw their way. Fitness is a way to build the strength to overcome life’s true challenges. It is just an added bonus that it is a fun way to do it.

Jason added to the Summit story by coming onto the team as Head Coach. Jason has an extreme passion for coaching people and improving lives. After meeting Joe and hearing the story of where Summit Strength comes from and the story behind the box, Jason knew it was a community in which he could be invested and help build. Jason watched CrossFit change his life years ago, and strives each day to help give that same gift of transformation and change to each and every member who walks through the door at Summit.

Every day is an opportunity.

From the start, we have tried to be as open to the community as possible, and this shows with the fob entry system on the front door. Summit is the only 24 hour access box in the Indianapolis area and since the beginning has tried to focus on meeting its members where they are in life. Understanding their challenging schedules and doing everything to give them access to a fit and healthy life.
We value integrity, hard work, and community above all else.

We show up, work hard, are honest, and cheer on our workout buddies.

We help each member of our community discover and showcase their true inner strength.

We instill the confidence needed to overcome life obstacles through everyday functional fitness.

Be Trained by the Best

“Our mission is to discover and showcase the true inner strength of every individual who comes into our community and to instill the confidence needed to overcome life obstacles through everyday functional fitness.”

Jason Kivett | Co-Owner

Jason was born and raised on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. He grew up active, a former competitive tennis player from a young age. He attended Indiana University-Bloomington, double majored in French and Criminal Justice, and was a part of the IU Men’s tennis team. After graduating IU in 2001, Jason spent several years leading and developing teams as a multi-unit Operations Supervisor.
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When he found CrossFit in early 2013, Jason didn’t realize how fit and healthy he could be. In less than 6 months, he lost 30 pounds and was amazed at how he felt. He couldn’t believe how he saw his body change due to CrossFit. Jason then decided to take a different path by looking into coaching people on a personal life changing level and decided to get his CrossFit Level 1 along with his USA Weightlifting L-1.

After he began coaching at another local box, he fell in love with helping people become functionally fit and move in ways they didn’t think they could move. Jason continued getting educated about the human body through multiple certifications, education courses, and seminars so he could teach people to move better.

He is passionate about coaching members through a progression of proper movement, mechanics and excellent mobility. He enjoys helping members set personal goals and loves celebrating the successes along the way! He loves building the community through events at the box as well as many get togethers outside the Box. You will be greeted with a warm smile – come in and meet Jason!
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
USA Weightlifting L1-SP
Certified Weightlifting Coach
Nutrition Coach
Mobility Coach
CrossFit Strongman
Conjugate Method
Westside Barbell
CrossFit Gymnastics
Anatomy Certificate
Scaling/Modifying Certificate
First Aid/AED/CPR Certified
Adaptive Athlete Certified
Precision Nutrition

Joe Mills | Co-Owner

Joe was born just five minutes from Summit’s front doors, in College Park, on the Northwest Side of Indianapolis. Joe grew up playing soccer at an almost unhealthy rate. He received a scholarship to play Division 1 soccer at North Carolina State University in the Atlantic Coast Conference.
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Joe was always a bit of a gym rat, but it wasn’t until he lost his mom in the spring of 2014 that he truly understood the power of fitness. Joe’s friend owned a CrossFit box and it was there that Joe went to heal through the community. It became evident to him that the community combined with the challenge of pushing yourself beyond your limits can help you overcome some of life’s biggest obstacles: the mission and vision behind Summit was born.

After spending some time abroad and connecting with locals through CrossFit, and then again doing so while working in Tampa, Florida, Joe came to the realization that functional fitness and the community it provides was his true passion in life. He packed up and came back to Indy to try and create a box centered on friendship, fun, and the power of good old-fashioned hard work.
CrossFit Level 1
Precision Nutrition

Katie Mills  |   Health Coach

Katie Mills hails from Lafayette, Indiana, just a short drive up I-65. She is an avid sports fan, and for most of her life, her only hobby was playing softball. Her love for learning about health and sports collided when she decided to play D1 softball at Liberty University while studying Clinical Health Promotion.
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Throughout her college years, Katie’s desire to help people understand their own bodies and health became a true passion. She Minored in Psychology, Majored in Health Promotion, and became a Certified Health Coach shortly after graduating. Additionally, she is also CPR/AED certified. As Joe opened Summit, Katie knew she wanted to be a part some way and here we are. She is excited to help our Summit Strength community live their best, healthy lives.

When Katie isn’t in the box squatting you might catch her eating her favorite snack-Greek yogurt with almond butter!
ACE Health Coach

Gabi Bradley | CrossFit Coach

Gabi Bradley became an intern coach at CrossFit SSP by an awesome twist of fate. Joe was Gabi’s brother’s roommate in college. “So when I heard Joe was opening a gym in town, I knew I had to try it out!” she says. Gabi walked into CrossFit SSP a relative newbie, but through the coaching and programming here, she fell in love with CrossFit. “I love helping others along that same path!”“
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“As a high school teacher and the Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Pike High School, I definitely am drawn to coaching and helping others, so when Joe approached me about becoming a CrossFit coach, I was immediately interested!”
CrossFit Level 1

Claire Strohl |  CrossFit + Endurance Coach

Claire grew up in Zionsville, Indiana and attended IU-Bloomington for college, where she majored in Criminal Justice. Right after graduating, she accepted a sales position with Anheuser-Busch in St. Louis and was quickly moved out to Southern California. Despite being very successful, Claire was not happy in Corporate America. Her life’s greatest passion had always been fitness and nutrition and she wanted to help other people find joy and freedom in getting healthy.
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After only a few months of doing CrossFit, Claire fell in love with functional fitness and the Summit Strength community. One of her favorite workouts was “Julie’s WOD,” a memorial workout for Joe’s mom where the whole community came out to support his family and sweat it out together. It takes a pretty special group of people to do farmer carries in the rain! When she’s not training, writing nutrition plans, or meal prepping for her clients, Claire enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, blogging, and cooking!

In August 2017, Claire left Corporate America and became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She moved back to Zionsville, IN in February 2018 to start her own business as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, and began intern-coaching at Summit Strength. She currently leads a class she designed, called FigureFIT, and also earned her CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 1
Adaptive Athlete Certified
ACE Personal Trainer
Nutrition Coach
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