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What is the best diet for me?

Many of the most common questions we relate to nutrition. Sometimes they are questions relating to what protein options are best, what you should eat for breakfast, or whether or not you can have alcohol and still lose weight. Really, all of these questions are asking the same thing – what is the best diet … more »

Working Out While Pregnant: Part 2

This is a guest post written by our coach, Gabi Bradley. You can check out part 1 to this series here. Navigating the “Fourth” Trimester: Pregnancy Workout Series Part 2 “Oh 💩! I pushed that thing out of me! I’m a mom!” These are probably still my most frequent thoughts even eight weeks after our … more »

CrossFit Workout 9-6-19:

WOD: CrossFit Open 17.1 Complete for Time- 10 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 15 Box Facing Burpees 20 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 15 Box Facing Burpees 30 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 15 Box Facing Burpees 40 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 15 Box Facing Burpees 50 Alt. Dumbbell Snatch 15 Box Facing Burpees CrossFit WOD Purpose: The CrossFit Open is coming … more »

CrossFit Workout of the Day: 8-30-19

4 Rounds for Time: 400m Run 8 Front Squats 10 Toe to Bars This is a classic task priority CrossFit WOD – which means your entire goal here is to get done as quickly as possible. The focus on this workout should be to pace your run enough to complete the front squats and toe … more »

What Should You do when You are Sore?

One of the most common misconceptions we see and hear from our clients each day stems around one topic: what should you do when you are sore? Given that we’re lifting weights, running hard, and doing loads of body weight movements, you are going to be sore when you join a CrossFit gym. Over time … more »

CrossFit Workout of the Day: 8-28-19

7 Minute EMOM: 7 Straight Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts 9 Russian Swings Purpose of the Workout: This workout is all about taxing your grip and posterior chain (aka your hamstrings, butt, and back…basically any muscle group on the backside of your body). You should get a good amount of rest each round, so focus on keeping … more »
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