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CrossFit Workout 3-22-17

WOD: EMOM 15 – Front Squats Minutes 1 – 5 = 3 Reps per minute @ 60% of 1RM Minutes 6 – 10 = 2 Reps per minute @ 65% of 1RM Minutes 11 – 15 = 1 Rep per minute @ 70% of 1RM

CrossFit Workout 3-21-17

WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP 1 min KB American Swings 53/35 1 min Alternating Lunge in place w/Kettlebell in Front Rack 53/35 1 min KB ground to overhead 53/35 1 min Push ups 1 min KB Turkish Get Up 53/35 (use lighter weight for scale or dumbbell)

Sunday Funday

Do these 3 steps to have your healthiest, most productive week: 1. Prepare 4 or 5 healthy meals. No one enters the week planning to go through the McDonald’s drive through every day. But somehow life seems to happen. Have a few meals of complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats will make your entire … more »

How to Choose a CrossFit Box

Choosing a CrossFit box is a tough decision. It is where you’ll probably spend a decent amount of your free time, and where you’ll hopefully make some of your best friends. Being a CrossFit box owner, a lot of my friends ask how to choose a gym to go to. After hearing the same question … more »
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