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CrossFit Workout 3-29-17

WOD: 4 Rounds for Time – 8 Back Squats (135/95) – 12 Weighted Sit Ups – 20 Dubs

What type of CrossFit Box is Yours?

You may believe that there’s really only two fields that apply to this topic: if a fitness facility is a CrossFit box, or a regular gym. However, as CrossFit continues to expand and become a more and more popular fitness program, there have become two different types of boxes: a competitor box, and a recreational … more »

CrossFit Open 17.5 Strategy & Prep

From Coach Jason: STRATEGY – This is a heavy breathing WOD.  A test of Aerobic Capacity! >Do NOT go fast out of the gate.  You WILL redline early.  Save some in the gas tank for the end, then last round go all out! >Transition will be key for the WOD, pace them. Pacing will allow … more »
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