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Mental Health: Exercise Class Anxiety

You’ve been thinking about it for weeks. Maybe months. Maybe even years. You’ve read about the benefits of group fitness in every magazine and on every website you can find. You’ve researched local gyms, read all the reviews, and figured out which one you want to try out. You’re so close to hitting the submit … more »

Why I Stopped Wearing a Fitness Tracker

For the past 18 months, I have been wearing a WHOOP fitness tracker. It’s been a very cool device which I’ve enjoyed wearing. This past weekend, I turned it off. In this post I’m giving the three reasons why – hopefully you will learn something from my experience. Reason #1: It wasn’t impacting my decisions … more »

Top Three Reasons You Don’t See Fitness Results

I’m literally – as I type this – trying to think of the last time I saw anyone in the fitness space hold their hand up and say, “Here’s who hasn’t gotten great results at my gym.” Obviously, that’s because we all want all of you to believe that results shown in testimonials and before … more »

Mental Health: Why Just Showing Up is Enough.

There’s a very famous quote which says, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle said that way back when (like before Christ) and it rings just as true today as it did in ancient Greece. The truth is that we are not in control of most … more »

Thanksgiving 2019: The reason to eat whatever you want for this one day.

Okay, every year you get bombarded with messages about how to have a healthy Thanksgiving. These are great. The problem is, none of them work because they put you into this impossible-to-follow box of holiday restriction. Please, tell me the last time you went to Thanksgiving dinner and thought about how many side dishes you … more »
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