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Seafood Stew

In honor of it being Lent, I thought this week I would make something seafood-focused. This is somewhat of a cross between a stew and a soup, but it is shockingly low in calories, packed full of protein, and actually gets better the longer it sits, so it is excellent for leftovers and meal prep. … more »

Oatmeal Pancakes

Oatmeal Pancakes: Pancakes are usually derided as being an unhealthy breakfast option for two reasons: Too high in simple carbohydrates, Too high in sugar. However, as an avid pancake lover, I was not going to be giving up pancakes anytime soon, so I came up with the following recipe which has no refined flour or … more »

Welcome to the Summit Strength Blog!

Thank you for checking out the Summit Strength blog. My name is Joe Mills, owner of Summit Strength, and I will be the man behind the curtain (or is it computer?) operating this page. If you’d like to know more about myself or the gym, please see our “About” page. There will be three blog … more »

Wandering Web – Rio Olympics Edition

With the Olympics kicking off this week, I thought finding a few articles about this sporting event would be appropriate for this week’s Wandering Web. I know that the popular thing in the media is to rip Rio and its (admittedly horrible) job of preparing to host the games; however, for the majority of the … more »

Why Coaching Matters for Fitness Development

Over the past week at Summit Strength, I have mentioned to multiple people that I do not write my own programming for my training at the gym. While I do program for all of the clients that come into Summit, I follow outside coaching for my own development. This may seem a bit backward to … more »

Wandering Web: Training Tips and Tricks

I really enjoyed this simple article about training mistakes many people make. Juggernaut Training puts out consistently quality information, often times written by world class athletes and coaches, and this is no exception. Of all the points, I think my favorite one is about having a coach. No one is too good for a coach! … more »
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