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“Never in my life did I think I’d be doing CrossFit! I started going to help keep a friend of mine motivated in her workout while she trained to complete the physical test required for a job she wanted to apply for. A little over 3 months later and I’m down 40 POUNDS, can actually run almost a mile, my shin splints are gone, and I feel amazing, mentally and physically! Jason and Joe are amazing guys who welcomed me from day 1 and make me feel like a part of their family every day! And the CrossFit family here is fantastic! Everyone is so friendly and supportive and positive and just an amazing group of people! I’m so thankful to have found this box and to be part of such an amazing community!”

– Mindy V.

“Jason, Joe and Gabi are some of the best coaches I’ve ever encountered. The community is friendly and makes you feel comfortable coming in no matter what your physical fitness level is-they just encourage you to give your all and do your best at whatever skill level you are capable of!”

– Kristen E.

“Best CrossFit gym I’ve been to. I know my way around the gym and am certified in personal training and I am learning a ton. I’ve spent entire summers at other boxes and learned less than what I’ve learned in 2 weeks here. The coaches attention to detail and care for their athletes is unmatched.  If you’re considering CrossFit, you won’t find a better place.”

– Will F.

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